Mis sold PPI Claims

Mis-Sold PPI Claims

The murky world of mis sold PPI has been well-documented over the last 12 months with the Financial Ombudsman handling finishing 2011 with 3,000 PPI claims a week landing on it’s door mat. The massive jump in mis sold PPI claims is clearly attributable to the court case decision in April 2011 and the subsequent rise in TV, radio and press coverage.

After one year of claims and payouts, the Financial Services Authority released figures showing that just over £2bn has been paid out to claimants. The original total refund bill was £4.3bn so it looks like this will be smashed by the end of 2012. Industry analysts are saying that the total mis sold PPI claims bill is more likely to be around £14bn with banks having to set aside over double what they already have.

As well as Press coverage, the increase in mis sold PPI claims is also down to the sharp rise in the number of PPI claims companies. The latest figures put the number of PPI claims handling companies in the UK at around 800 and last year around £2m was spent advertising by them. Whether it’s TV ads, radio slots, column inches or cold calls, some mis sold PPI claims companies are doing all they can to cash in on consumer complaints.

Here at MisSoldPPIClaimsCo.org, we never cold call and all of our clients have contacted us to help them with their PPI complaint. Our team of PPI claim handling experts have been getting refunds back for clients for over three years and although this may not sound like a long time, we were winning cases BEFORE the banks had to pay out.

If you have taken out any kind of borrowing over the last six years or if you finished paying one off in the last six years then there’s a good chance we can tell you whether or not you have a mis sold PPI policy. Payment protection insurance has been hidden in loan, credit card and mortgage agreements by commission-hungry sales staff so you may not even realise you’ve been paying for it.

Simply fill out the form above to get in touch with our team, we’ll be able to tell you whether you have PPI or not and if you can make mis sold PPI claims to get a full refund. If you’re just after more info, no worries – get in touch and ask us questions, there’s no obligation at all.

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